6 Best Field Service Management Software in 2022

6 Best Field Service Management Software in 2022

Do you need field service management software? If you’re like most businesses, the answer is ‘YES.’ This software helps modern companies process job orders, dispatch technicians, collect payment in the field, and so much more!

But just like choosing any other software for your business, selecting the ideal FSM software can be a daunting one. Which one is the best and the most relevant? Which one has the most value? 

We understand this burden—that’s why we created this list of the best field service management software in 2022. That way, you’ll know which ones are the most popular, which ones are the most comprehensive, and most importantly, which ones fit your business needs.


What is FSM?

Field service management (FSM) is a category of software that helps organizations manage field service operations. FSM software typically includes tools to help with tasks such as scheduling field service appointments, dispatching field service technicians, processing payments in the field, and managing customer records. 

We have a thorough discussion about this in our article entitled, ‘The Complete Guide to Field Service Management (FSM).’ You should check it out before proceeding with our list of the best FSM software in 2022.


Best Field Service Management Software in 2022

Field Service from Microsoft

Previously known as FieldOne, Field Service is Microsoft’s official field service management software. It’s an agile and flexible end-to-end platform for everything from field management to project management. The Microsoft Field Service platform helps you with every phase of field service management, incorporating modern routing and scheduling functionality, flexible mobile UI, advanced work process, robust reporting, and enterprise-level CRM.

The Microsoft Field Service platform has an open architecture that simplifies solutions integration, enabling this software to work with your other enterprise applications.


Jobber is a field service management software made for small to medium-sized businesses that need better organization and management of their field service technicians. It helps with field technician scheduling, invoicing, and payments, as well as tracking time and location in the field. 

Jobber’s software is web-based and mobile so that field technicians can access it from anywhere. The software also offers GPS tracking, so you can see where your field technicians are at all times. 

Jobber’s software ensures that jobs are on track and customers are always updated with the latest progress and status of the task. In addition, the platform gives the staff all the necessary job information for guaranteed job completion. It also monitors the staff working on the field and sets notifications whenever the job is done or when a task is complete.


The ServiceMax field service management software is a flexible platform that offers two licensing tiers: Service Max Express and ServiceMax Enterprise.

ServiceMax Express: designed for smaller companies, Express has a licensing agreement of five minimum users. It provides all the basic features of running your company with mobile field service management software. Field and office-based users can both access ServiceMax Express and collaborate on work orders, schedules, dispatch operations, and more.

ServiceMax Enterprise: as the name suggests, this software is for larger companies with more complex field service needs. It’s the absolute end-to-end solution for your needs, with functionalities equal to an enterprise-level resource planning system. ServiceMax Enterprise includes all the features in the Express tier, as well as the following:

  • Support for Warranty and Entitlements
  • More advanced scheduling and contracts
  • Robust inventory management features
  • Advanced analytics
  • Depot repairs
  • Reverse logistics
  • Services optimization
  • Community forums.



mHelpDesk is a field service management software well-known for its superior customer support and dedication to creating a great product offering. This FSM platform helps eliminate ineffective estimates, invoicing, and service, all while improving repair tracking by offering helpdesk and field service management tools and features that get the job right. 

Started in 2022, mHelpDesk is one of the market’s oldest software. However, it has years of experience under its belt, and despite its age, it’s still a pretty effective FSM software that delivers results. In addition, notable features of mHelpDesk include GPS tracking, dispatching, job scheduling, and more. 

Service Fusion

Service Fusion is a field service management software that helps businesses, large and small, manage their field service technicians. Its concept when it comes to field service management is similar to its tagline: “Easy, Powerful, and Mobile.” With it constantly at the top of the list for the best-performing software by year, it’s safe to say it delivered on its promise.

Service Fusion is a powerful yet easy-to-use field management software that’s mobile-ready and compatible with multiple devices. It helps businesses manage their field service technicians by offering features such as scheduling, GPS tracking, invoicing, and more. 


While it’s technically not a field service management software, what makes DATAMYTE unique is that it can adapt to whatever you need of it. Our very own quality management platform has a roster of useful software and tools that will help deliver a similar field service management experience. 

The key software to DATAMYTE’s arsenal is its Digital Clipboard—a comprehensive workflow automation software that lets users create workflows of any kind. From field service to customer service, you get to create a workflow that’s perfect for your business. 

In addition, the DataMyte Digital Clipboard also offers tools like checklists, forms, and templates that you customize and edit to relate to your needs. Also, with its adaptable tools and powerful software, it’s no wonder DATAMYTE is one of the best platforms for creating a connected factory for businesses that use field service management. 



This isn’t complete without using the right software. With the best software, you’re assured of an organized and effective field service operation. The six service management software that we mentioned above are the best of the best and will definitely help you run your field service business without a hitch. So if you’re planning to integrate FSM into your business operations, consider our picks and see which one works best for you.



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