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Best Safety Management Software of 2022

Best Safety Management Software of 2022

Ensuring safety is paramount in every organization. It is a moral and social responsibility, as well as a government-mandated requirement to ensure business compliance with safety protocols. 

Safety management helps prevent hazards, incidents, or fatalities in the workplace. For this reason, it has become a necessity in every business organization.

Safety management software is a vital tool for business owners who want to ensure their employees are safe. It helps business owners track and monitor safety protocols, identify hazards, and mitigate risks. 

This article will share the best safety management software of 2022. So you will know which safety management software to choose for your business.


What is Safety Management Software?

It provides a systematic approach to managing and mitigating risks and hazards in the workplace. This tool promotes employee safety by managing the following:

  • Hazard identification
  • Risk management
  • Occurrence reporting
  • Quality assurance
  • Performance measurement


By delivering the above factors, your organization can boost employee morale and productivity, raise customer satisfaction, and manage production costs, all of which will increase business profitability.


Benefits of Safety Management Software

There are many benefits of safety management software, which include:

  • Efficient safety management: safety management software provides a centralized platform for safety management. This allows businesses to manage safety protocols and procedures more efficiently.
  • Improved safety compliance: safety management software helps businesses ensure compliance with safety regulations. This, in turn, helps businesses avoid penalties and fines.
  • Reduced workplace accidents: by managing hazards and risks effectively, safety management software reduces the likelihood of workplace accidents.
  • Continuous improvement: safety management software helps businesses track safety performance and identify areas for improvement. This allows businesses to improve their safety protocols continuously.


Top Safety Management Software of 2022

Now that you know the benefits of safety management software, let’s take a look at nine of the best safety management software of 2022:


Sheqsy is a safety management software that helps businesses manage safety compliance, risks, and hazards. It is a comprehensive safety management software covering all aspects of safety management, from hazard identification to risk assessment to safety training. It enables companies to protect their employees using quick duress alarm activation and automated check-ins.

Sheqsy highlight features:

  • Equip lone workers with safety features like hazard alerts and duress alarms.
  • Manage and monitor employee activity with activity countdown timers and real-time location visualization.
  • Take advantage of innovative safety features like customizable forms, periodic check-ins, hazard and incident reporting, and appointment scheduling.
  • Cloud-based safety management dashboard.
  • 24/7 professional security monitoring


EHS Insight

It is a safety management tool that offers ready-to-use programs for setting up safety processes. EHS Insight has three tiers to offer its customers:

  1. Basic EHS management for small businesses.
  2. Mid-tier EHS management for training management.
  3. Enterprise support for large organizations.


EHS provides different levels of safety management programs depending on your needs.

EHS Insight highlight features:

  • Near-miss reporting and corrective action management
  • Incident investigations and management
  • Inspection forms
  • User and contact management
  • Automated notifications
  • Online training
  • Single sign-on
  • Dedicated representatives (enterprise support only)



Cority is another safety management system that’s made for larger organizations involved in industries such as energy, manufacturing, aerospace, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and automotive, among others. With over 30 years of providing safety management solutions, Cority is one of the most recognized brands in cloud-based occupational health and safety management software.

Cority highlight features:

  • Centralized user interface
  • Audit and inspection management
  • Metrics for current performance
  • Reporting
  • Conduct risk assessments
  • Mobile-ready



IndustrySafe by Vector Solutions is a health and safety management solution that caters to organizations involved in industries such as construction, manufacturing, energy, transportation, and government. This customizable software helps businesses comply with regulations while being a cost-efficient recording and monitoring tool for overall improvement in workplace safety.

IndustrySafe highlight features:

  • Customizable safety inspections
  • Dashboard for safety KPI monitoring
  • Safety incident reporting
  • Safety courses and training available online
  • Resolve safety hazards by conducting risk assessments
  • Safety data sheet recordkeeping



Awardco is a high-performing employee recognition platform that can help build a safety-oriented culture to increase employee engagement using value-driven safety rewards and recognition. With Awardco, safety managers can create safety challenges, monitor progress, and instantly reward employees for a job well done using safety. Awardco is ideal for organizations that run multiple recognition programs.

Awardco highlight features:

  • Comprehensive all-in-one rewarding recognition platform
  • Amazon Business integration.
  • Performance management
  • Program management
  • Goal management



Dakota Software’s ProActivity Suite is a safety management software that gives access to centralized control, as well as health and safety management for compliance across multiple sites regardless of location and local regulations requirements. In addition, ProActivity software is also equipped with analytics and reporting capabilities to help safety managers make data-driven decisions.

ProActivity highlight features:

  • Corrective actions management
  • Audit and inspection capabilities
  • Health and safety compliance monitoring
  • Incidents and safety issues recording and analysis
  • Training management and documentation


Autodesk Construction Cloud

The Autodesk Construction Cloud is an industrial cloud-based safety management software designed to aid construction businesses in quality and safety tracking and management. It connects teams, workflows, and data seamlessly on all construction projects. Project managers can also use the software to create safety plans, safety inspections, safety reports, and safety audits.

Autodesk Construction Cloud highlight features:

  • Analytics and reporting
  • Audit management
  • Work order management
  • Project tracking
  • Compliance management
  • Estimation and costing
  • Offline access
  • Mobile-ready



EcoOnline is a user-friendly environment, health, and safety platform that offers innovative solutions to address various safety management needs such as safety data sheets, chemical inventories, safety inspections, and safety training. With EcoOnline safety management software, safety managers can quickly collect and track important safety data to help improve organizational safety performance.

EcoOnline highlight features:

  • Safety data sheet management
  • Chemical inventory management
  • Safety inspections and audits
  • Training management
  • Risk assessment
  • Safety audits
  • Automation and integrations
  • Real-time analysis and reporting
  • Event tracking
  • Asset management



DATAMYTE is a quality management platform that helps construction businesses automate safety management processes. It is equipped with features such as workflow audit, inspection, reporting, and data analysis. DATAMYTE also allows managers to create custom safety reports based on their organization’s specific needs.

DATAMYTE highlight features:

  • Conduct safety audit management
  • Form builder
  • Checklist builder
  • App builder
  • Safety inspection management
  • Safety reporting and data analysis
  • Custom safety reports
  • Workflow automation
  • DataMetrics quality technology
  • FMEA software tool
  • Integrations with other software applications
  • Mobile-ready



With the use of either one of the safety management software highlighted in this article, safety managers can better monitor safety compliance, collect data, and improve performance in their organization. Do you have any thoughts or experiences with using safety management software? We would love to hear from you. Toss us an email and tell us what other topics you want us to cover next!



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