A Quick Guide To Creating Contact Forms

Creating a contact form may seem difficult, but it's actually quite simple with the right form builder plugin. Learn how to create one!

Last Updated on June 29, 2023 by Ossian Muscad

Creating a contact form may seem difficult, but it’s plain simple with the right form builder plugin. And if you want to expand your business, a contact form is truly essential. This guide will discuss the value of setting up a contact form and how to make one.


What is A Contact Form?

Published on a website, the contact form is an online form that users use to contact the organization or owners of the web page. A contact form prompts the generation and delivery of a notification message to the web owner’s email. This makes it simple to receive messages from site visitors without having to disclose the email address to potential spammers and cybercriminals.


Importance Of A Contact Form

You might ask why you need a contact form if your website lists your phone number or email address. The answer is rather straightforward- having the option of a contact form on your website gives the impression that you are always accessible to your visitors. Moreover, these are also the reasons:

  1. Get additional prospects. The ideal moment to gather a visitor’s information is while they are looking through the goods and services on your website. 
  2. Promotes your approachability. You cannot risk losing customers by not being reachable. Therefore, contact forms are crucial in giving visitors a sense that they may get in touch with you at any time they want.
  3. Provides consolidated information. You may specify the fields in contact forms in line with your requirements and target audience and make their completion required. This allows for easier data collection and retention.
  4. Promotes convenience. Having a contact form on your website makes it simpler for people to get in touch with you. Since reaching out only requires a click, they don’t need to bother about changing tabs to connect their emails.


What Are the Things To Be Included In A Contact Form?

The forms’ information fields should be few and easy to complete. Shorter forms are less intimidating to visitors who might feel hesitant to share personal information. However, requesting the details your business requires to respond appropriately is crucial. The following fields for a contact form are vital:

  • First and last name. Obtaining the site visitor’s name is perhaps the most crucial feature of a contact form.
  • Email Address. Another necessary component of a contact form. The email address allows you to reach out to customers for your response to their inquiries and a way to communicate updates and product promotions in future transactions.
  • Questions/Reasons for inquiry. This is important. Whether the field is a dropdown or an open-text field, it’s critical to recognize the motivation behind someone else’s questions. Why is this individual making this contact? What particular questions are they looking for answers to?


Make the phone number field optional if you decide to include one. Since most are anxious about receiving unsolicited calls or messages, site visitors may be less likely to complete the form if you require their phone number.


How To Create One With Low-code?

It’s quite easy to create a contact form. With the right digital solutions like DATAMYTE’s smart form builder, anyone can do it regardless of coding experience. Additionally, you can use any of your device preferences; a desktop computer, a tablet, or even a mobile device. Follow these steps:

Sign Up for Free

If you don’t have an account, go to datamyte.com and click the Free Trial tab. Our high-performance low-code service will be available for a 14-day free trial. You can then practice building or customizing forms with all the necessary tools.


You can either create a contact form from scratch or use a template. In our template option, which is organized according to industry, you can find many pre-made forms to refer to for ideas or strategies that will work for you. When you’re ready to get started, select a pre-made form template or a blank template to get started.


After clicking Create:

  1. Utilize the Design tab pages to adjust the contact form’s layout.
  2. Try Themes to quickly apply predetermined configurations and Customize to alter the form’s interface completely.
  3. Adjust the fonts, colors, and sizes before checking the preview area of the form for quick feedback.


After completing the customization phase, test the form to ensure it functions as intended. Complete the form as a site visitor by clicking the Preview Form tab. After completing each form, press the Submit tab at the bottom. To examine the answers for each form result, click the Results tab. To make any required modifications to your form, go back to the form builder option.


Using a short embedded code, you can quickly add your completed form to your website. 



As we have mentioned earlier, creating a contact form is quick and easy with the right form builder. Design and customize contact forms with DATAMYTE’s high-performance low-code solutions. The platform provides a user interface that utilizes a drag-and-drop functionality allowing rapid creation of customized forms as well as quick deployment.

The DataMyte Digital Clipboard is a low-code automation software that features these capabilities to help create and deploy a contact form: 

  • Smartform builder. Pre-made templates with reusable components allow the creation and deployment of contact forms promptly. Our Smartform Builder also generates an automatic embed code to easily integrate completed forms into your website.
  • Data gathering. The ease of data collection made it simpler as data input is sieved to a secured server, allowing business managers to evaluate and analyze customer preferences and concerns and highlight areas for improvement. 
  • Multi-platform compatibility. The Digital Clipboard is compatible with modern technology devices from smartphones, tablets, and computers. Allowing prospective clients and site visitors to fill up the forms at the convenience of their preferred devices. 
  • Security. The Digital Clipboard provides a consolidated perspective of business operations, where you can control who can access the contact form and what they can accomplish. User privacy is fully protected, and spam is not allowed.



A contact form can help your company in a number of ways. It may assist you in protecting yourself from spammers/cybercriminals, establish a relationship with your customers, and, more importantly, respond promptly to your client’s queries and requests.



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