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Ensuring Compliance and Quality in the
Fast-Changing Automotive Manufacturing Sector

88% Reduction of production
issues in as little as
12 months

Escalating Labor Efficiency and Productivity with Connected Worker Solution

Webinar April 27th
Live at 11:00 am CST

88% Reduction of production issues in 12 months

57% Reduction of production issues in the first 90 day

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DATAMYTE’s hardware & software innovations supporting the connected factory
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The benefits of a Connected Worker solution
How our global client achieve an 88% reduction of production issues in 12 months
This webinar is appropriate for operations and quality teams from medium to large-sized manufacturers.

See Unprecedented Gains in
Productivity and Issue Reduction.

The modern workplace is changing and workers are shifting to more mobile, digital work tools.  As the recognized experts in the connected factory, DATAMYTE offers the most innovative and scalable solutions on the market.

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