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IIoT Data Collection and Accessibility

A genius interface to your entire manufacturing floor to support universal data collection across manual, semi-automated, automated and portable data acquisition; giving you the ability to capture ALL of your quality data into one central database and report on this data.

Monitoring and Analysis tailored to your needs

Accelerate productivity and performance through real-time monitoring of in-line processes in order to quickly identify quality non-conformities. DataMetrics Insight! Analysis & Reporting backed by the database provides the data integrity and process traceability to meet the toughest standards across numerous industries.

Advanced Reporting and Enterprise Connectivity

Easy-to-design dashboard web reports ensure full process visibility and optimized production. Generate hierarchically-appropriate reporting delivered in near real-time to key individuals. Unleash MicroSoft’s Power BI. Harmonize your data.


Leverage the Datamyte ecosystem

With the push of a button, integrate DataMetrics characteristics and SPC control limits with our Quality Planning Studio to eliminate data errors and bring shop floor insights directly into the planning process. Incorporate the industry-leading, wireless Datamyte data collector into your data collection process.

Statistical Process Control & Data Collection

DataMetrics provides your team with the detailed, real-time SPC data, analytics and reporting, required to assess processes.

Take a proactive approach to maintain or improve product quality, meet production goals, reduce costs around scrap and rework, or comply with OEM or industry standards.

in-depth  reporting and analysis

DataMetrics Insight offers a broad range of analysis and reporting tools including dynamic reporting, custom user-defined reports, and report scheduling.

“DataMetrics provides our team with the detailed, real-time SPC data, analytics and reporting, they need to manage production quality.”

Production Supervisor



The DataMetrics Insight module provides quick analysis and easy to understand insights into your production processes.  Through robust visual presentation and organization of the data, Insight supports both reactive and predictive responses to foster confidence in proactive process control.  

reporting at your fingertips

DataMetrics Online Reports

A performance monitoring, reporting and management tool that allows you to access production and quality data from virtually anywhere. With this access, you’re able to view the data you need, when you need it, to speed your decision-making.


Setup Editor

The DataMetrics Setup Editor is an intuitive, high technology configuration tool used to define and edit processes, parts, labels, assignable causes and corrective actions for DataMetrics data collection software.


Production Monitor

A software module that shows your data being collected on the production floor at a glance. Production Monitor alerts you to issues so you can address them as they happen.

data security

Active Directory

Provides the ability to set security parameters, control access and achieve full traceability, so you can efficiently and reliably keep your data secure.


Audit Log

Achieve data integrity and a clearly defined audit trail with Audit Log. View data before and after it was altered, so you can quickly see changes and ensure the integrity of your data.

data management


Ensures secure and reliable data migration, retention and deletion in accordance with compliance and corporate regulation.

Manage checklists on the REVOLUTION with DIGITAL CLIPBOARD

Transform paper checklists into automated workflows.  Send us one of your checklists and we’ll demo it on the Digital Clipboard.

Use case

Thermal Solutions Provider Relies on DataMetrics Software to Help Customers Keep Cool

Applying DataMetrics to high product mix, low product volume manufacturing.

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Quality Planning

“The best feature is the separate modules that exist in the software suite.  My team can interact with just the information they need.”

Continuous Improvement Engineer




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