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Dimensional Gages

Pinch Force Gage

A reverse force sensor that increases efficiency and reduces measurement error

The DataMyte Pinch Force Gauge measures the pinch force of automatic powered car and truck window panes, as well as sun roofs and glass elevating roofs.

 The sensor captures the maximum power exerted by the automatic closing device before it switches into the reverse direction. Measurement records can be shown directly on the display of the sensor and the data can be transmitted to a data collection instrument via a release button.

LMI Corporation Partnered Solutions

From surface checks to flush and gap measurements and hole location, LMI Corporation has the right tool for your application.

DATAMYTE can assist you in integrating your LMI solution with your DATAMYTE products and services.

LMI Wireless Seal Gap Solutions

  • Repeatable gauging using a wide variety of LMI tools for the doors, deck lids, and lift gates such as the LMI MINI and Ultra MINI Seal Gap Gauges. Custom gauges are always possible.
  • Robust construction of the gauges and hub along with solid state RF technology make the system very durable and reliable.
  • Flexibility. The system can be used in many areas from prototype build, wind tunnel, body shop, and final assembly evaluation.

Video walk through of LMI’s Wireless Seal Gap System

G-Force measures door closing velocity, force and energy

•Wireless communication and USB are standard on every unit.

•Designed to be used in final assembly, customer acceptance line, or yard audits.

•Easy to use utility configures the units and also acts as a portal to generate graphs used for engineering evaluation.

•Easily programmed with measurement routines and will display a red/green LED based on limits set up.

Datamyte Honda

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“A more accurate measurement of force and energy.”

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