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5 Free General Contractor Checklists for Builders

5 Free General Contractor Checklists for Builders

If you’re a builder, you know the importance of having a general contractor checklist. Construction is a complex process, and it’s easy to forget something if you’re not careful. That’s why using a construction checklist can be so helpful. 

This checklist will serve as your master list of all the things you need to do or remember during construction. But what exactly is a general contractor checklist, and why should builders like you use it? 

This article will discuss what a general contractor checklist is all about. We will also share five free general contractor checklists for builders. That way, you’ll be able to use the right one for your construction business!


What is a Construction Checklist?

A construction checklist, or general contractor checklist, is a simple yet important project management tool used to help contractors track items that need to be completed or inspected as part of a job or work order. Building construction includes many different jobs to be completed throughout the project life cycle, so companies typically have many types of standard checklists for a given job. 

For example, there might be a general contractor pre-construction checklist, general contractor quality control checklist, general contractor safety checklist, etc. 


How to Create a Construction Checklist?

Every construction project needs a checklist of all the items that need to be done or completed. But how do you create one, exactly? You can create a basic construction checklist on a piece of paper. Excel spreadsheets are also common platforms for creating a construction checklist template. There are also general contractor checklists that are free to download online. 

However, manual data collection and monitoring using Excel can be inconvenient, especially if running a large construction project. Also, a better way to create a construction checklist is to use mobile apps and online platforms designed to boost productivity and streamline business operations. Platforms like DATAMYTE are ideal for this matter. It helps create digitized checklists that have more functions than simply checking the items that have been completed.


Why Builders Need Digital Tools for Construction

Apart from the physical tools, equipment, and machinery, construction work also requires a great deal of paperwork to start and finish the entire construction project. Nowadays, instead of relying on traditional paper forms, many construction companies are turning to digital building construction forms to eliminate the inconvenience of manual work.

You can access these building and construction apps via desktop or mobile devices, making them extremely convenient. With these apps, you can then easily manage different aspects of your construction business, from creating and sharing checklists to tracking project progress and communicating with clients. 

One of the most important benefits of using digital tools for construction is that it increases transparency and communication among all project stakeholders. When everyone is on the same page, it’s easier to avoid errors, miscommunication, and delays. 


5 Free Construction Checklist Templates for Builders

DATAMYTE’s Digital Clipboard is a comprehensive workflow automation software that lets you create different types of construction checklists for different purposes. You can either use one of our templates or create one from scratch. Either way, you will get the ideal general contractor checklist for your needs. With that said, here are some useful checklist templates for builders that you should check out:

Project Startup Checklist Template

A project startup checklist ensures that all the necessary preparations have been made before work begins on a project. This general contractor checklist typically includes tasks such as reviewing the project plans, ordering materials, and scheduling workers.

Sample items to include in this type of construction checklist template include:

  • Submit the new job information sheet
  • Outline project organization
  • Assign duties to key staff members
  • Review the prime contract
  • Define the scope of work
  • Introduce project to the staff
  • Prepare the contract control sheet
  • Define procurement authority
  • Enter budget approval into project file
  • Ensure all departments involves can support the new project workload
  • Prepare project and procurement schedules
  • Review safety and insurance requirements
  • Determine anticipated cash flow


Pre-Construction Checklist Template

A pre-construction checklist is used to help contractors prepare for the start of a construction project. This general contractor checklist typically includes tasks such as reviewing the project plans, ordering materials, and scheduling workers.

Project Closeout Checklist Template

This template is used to help general contractors verify that all the required tasks have been completed at the end of a construction project. This general contractor checklist typically includes tasks such as cleaning up the worksite, conducting a final walkthrough with the client, and completing all the necessary paperwork.

Work Site Inspection Checklist Template

A work site inspection checklist template is used to help general contractors ensure that the worksite is safe and compliant with all the necessary regulations. This general contractor checklist typically includes tasks such as checking for trip hazards, inspecting the scaffolding, and testing the fire extinguishers.

Sample items to include in this type of construction checklist template include:


  • Someone is responsible for building security.
  • Trained and qualified staff are available to protect workers against assaults or other violence.
  • There’s a “buddy system” for workers in potentially dangerous situations.



  • Workers are aware of the emergency response plan (e.g., escape routes, pathways, etc.)
  • Workers are trained on when to report violent incidents and threats.
  • WOrkers are training on personal safety


Facility Design

  • There is a sufficient number of exits and escape routes.
  • Exit doors are open from the inside to prevent unauthorized entry.
  • The lighting is adequate and can clearly light indoor areas.
  • Areas used for client interviews permit others to observe any problems.


Equipment Maintenance Checklist Template

An equipment maintenance checklist template helps general contractors keep track of the maintenance schedule for all the equipment on a construction site. Also, this general contractor checklist typically includes checking the oil level, inspecting the tires, and cleaning the air filter.



These general contractor checklist templates are available to either use or create using the DataMyte Digital Clipboard. General contractors need the DataMyte Digital Clipboard because it:

  • Eliminates the need for paper forms
  • Is available on desktop and mobile devices
  • Increases transparency and communication among all project stakeholders
  • Helps you avoid errors, miscommunication, and delays
  • Is easy to use
  • Streamlines the construction process
  • Creates whatever construction checklist you need in minutes!
  • Gathers important data that you can use to create relevant analysis and reporting.


If you’re looking for comprehensive workflow automation software to help with your construction business, then look no further than the DataMyte Digital Clipboard. Request a demo today! We’ll be happy to show you how our product can help make your construction projects easier and more convenient.



Using a general contractor checklist for builders is a great way to prevent any unwanted hurdles that can disrupt operations. With the DataMyte Digital Clipboard, you can easily create or use one of our templates to create the perfect general contractor checklist for your needs. So request a demo today to learn more!


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