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Glossary “I” Definition of Terms in DataMyte

Individuals Chart with Moving Range

A control chart used when working with one sample per subgroup. The individual samples are plotted on the x chart rather than subgroup averages. The individuals chart is always accompanied by a moving range chart, usually using two subgroups (two individual readings) to calculate the moving range points. 

Infant Mortality

High failure rate that shows up early in product usage. Normally caused by poor design, manufacture, or other identifiable cause. 

Inspection Accuracy

The percentage of defective units which are correctly identified by an inspector. The percentage is determined by having a second inspector review both the accepted and rejected units. 

Instability (of a process)

A process is said to show instability if it exhibits variations larger than its control limits, or shows a systematic pattern of variation.

Ishikawa Diagram

See Cause and Effect Diagram.

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