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Glossary “L” Definition of Terms in DataMyte

LCL (Lower Control Limit)

For control charts: the limit above which the process subgroup statistics (x, R, sigma) remain when the process is in control. 


For frequency distributions: a distribution which shows a higher peak and shorter tails than a normal distribution with the same standard deviation. 

Limit Checking

For handheld data collectors: alerting the operator concerning any entries outside the expected range. 


The extent to which a measuring instrument’s response varies with the measured quantity. 

Lot Formation

The process of collecting units into lots for the purpose of acceptance sampling. The lots are chosen to ensure, as much as possible, that the units have identical properties, i.e., that they were produced by the same process operating under the same conditions. 

Lot Tolerance Percent Defective (LTPD)

For acceptance sampling: expressed in percent defective units; the poorest quality in an individual lot that should be accepted. Commonly associated with a small consumer’s risk. 

LSL (Lower Specification Limit)

The lowest value of a product dimension or measurement which is acceptable.

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