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How to Define Training Needs

When assessing the training needs for a new data collection system, the following questions must be answered:

  • What makes up the workstations? What task is being performed at the workstation, e.g., inspection? What process equipment? What data collector or computer and software? What kind of gauging and measurement systems? 
  • Who are the team members? How do they match up to each workstation? Who are the project coordinators? Who is the in-house system expert? 
  • What are the job performance requirements of each team member? Who backs up each team member? 
  • Which of these job performance requirements can be completed by team members right now? 
  • What are the expectations for the system? How quickly will it come on line? What are the specific results expected by management? 

Training Worksheet.

The answers to these questions clearly define training requirements. The worksheet shown in Figure 18.2.1 is used to identify the production team members for the system and the specific training requirements for each member. Completing worksheets like these helps answer the key questions relating to training needs: What is the system configuration and goals? Who are the people who will make it happen? What knowledge and skills do they require? And what knowledge and skills do they have now?

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