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Introduction To DataMyte Data Collectors

This chapter contains model-by-model descriptions of DataMyte data collectors. Two other chapters in this Handbook are closely related to this chapter. Chapter 15 offers an introduction to automated data collection and explains the benefits of the data collector features listed in this chapter and Chapter 17 explains DataMyte software for data collection and analysis. Wherever possible, DataMyte products meet the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements for power management to earn the Energy Star rating. In addition, DataMyte products for use in Europe meet European Community requirements to display the “CE” mark.

DataMyte fixed-station data collectors are for real-time operator SPC at a stationary process. They make SPC easier, faster, error-free, and more effective. Machine operators get better data, in more usable form, much faster than they could with paper and pencil.

DataMyte data collectors produce histograms, x-bar & R charts, x-bar & sigma charts, p-charts, Pareto charts, and other control charts. Each time a subgroup (set of samples) is collected, the data collector automatically displays the desired control chart on the display screen. The data collector automatically adds new points to a control chart as new subgroups are recorded. Each individual sample is also displayed as the operator takes the measurement.

Fixed-station Data Collectors 

In addition to showing control limits on the chart, fixed-station data collectors alert operators when a trend occurs, indicating the process may be out of statistical control. Once the rules for treating successive data subgroups have been established, the data collector, depending on model, displays a flashing or color-coded warning sign and audible alarm when a trend occurs. Out-of-control points are clearly marked. During data collection, the data collector also alerts the operator to readings that are out of specification.

DataMyte 9700

The DataMyte 9700 is a light industrial computer system that is available with DataMyte software pre-loaded. It can be used as a factory floor workstation or dedicated data collection computer, or for data analysis and reporting anywhere a ruggedized computer is needed. The 9700 is sold as a complete system, making DataMyte a one-stop source for factory floor computing needs. 

953 fixed-station data collector

The 953 fixed-station data collector can be used with either analog or digital gauges, and can perform both attribute and variables data collection. It includes full color capability, math functions, batch attribute data collection, and group charting for multistream processes. It can communicate directly with PLCs via an I/O option.

DataMyte roving data collectors are typically used for auditing and inspection. The DataMyte 3000-series can perform both variables and attribute data collection, and display control charts, histograms, p-charts, and Pareto charts.

 DataMyte DigiForm

The DataMyte DigiForm is a pen-tablet-based data collection device. It uses the Windows CE operating system, and runs JetForm Design software to let the user configure their own data collection forms. With a full-color, 7.7-inch LCD touch screen, the DigiForm is especially easy to read and use. Like other DataMyte roving data collectors, it features ruggedized construction and up to eight hours of continuous use on a single battery charge.

Bringing breakthrough design to the handheld data collection arena, the DataMyte 501 data collector uses the same operating system as the popular 953 and 3053 data collectors, and weighs less than one pound. It has an LCD display with optional backlight, and its small size makes it ideal for data collection in confined spaces, such as aircraft wing assemblies.

DataMyte 3053

DataMyte 3053 data collectors can receive digital or analog input directly from a variety of metrology devices, including gap and flushness gauges and torque and angle transducers. These roving data collectors provide charting and graphing capabilities similar to DataMyte fixed-station units, including either a torque/time or torque/angle curve plot, on LCD panels. DataMyte 3055 and 3052 data collectors are available for applications requiring only digital gauges.

TranSend utility software makes it easy to create setups in popular spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel. DataMyte Analysis and Reporting software, the DataMyte Setup Editor, Quantum SPC software or TurboNET software offer more sophisticated setup configuration and are used for data archiving, management reports, and further statistical analysis. This software is explained in Chapter 17.

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