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What are Accessories

Intergage Card

The DataMyte InterGage™ gage interface card lets you seamlessly integrate serial gages with a personal computer running data collection software, including computers running DataMyte Quantum SPC software, as well as DataMyte 9000-series data collection systems.

The InterGage card interfaces to the computer’s 16-bit ISA Bus, and is available in two models: the IGC1-ISA, with four gage ports and an expansion port, and the IGC2-ISA, with four gage ports.

A wide variety of gaging is supported, including CDI, Digitrix, MaxCal, Maxum, Mitutoyo, Ono Sokki, Sylvac Bore, Sylvac D25, Sylvac Serial, Trimos, Mini-Trimos, UltraCal II, RS-232, and DataMyte barcode wands. The expansion port interfaces with DataMyte 9XX-series multiplexers and the Cimworks GageTalker® GagePort.™ Both models have a footswitch input.

The InterGage card eliminates the need for an external power supply or an available serial port. In addition, it delivers significantly faster scan rates when used in TIR (FIM) applications.

InterGage includes its own SoftSet™ utility to select the computer’s communications port and configure the gage type. It also updates the InterGage card firmware via flash memory and tests the InterGage card’s operation.

 DataMyte InterGage Card

Special Features 

  • Interfaces to the computer’s 16-bit ISA Bus 
  • Available in two models: IGC1-ISA, with four gage ports and an expansion port, and IGC2-ISA, with four gage ports. 
  • Supports a wide variety of gaging 
  • Eliminates the need for external power source 
  • Faster scan rates: nearly 2 times as fast with CDI and Mitutoyo gages, and nearly 2.5 times faster with Maxum gages 
  • Free field updates 
  • Uses standard DataMyte cables 
  • Includes SoftSet™ utility 
  • Compatible with Quantum SPC/DC™ software

DataMyte 916 Precision Gaging System

DataMyte’s 916 Precision Gaging System is designed for applications requiring extreme precision in dynamic and static measurements. Using DataMyte Simulscan™ technology, the system scans all probe ports for data simultaneously to eliminate sequential scanning errors found in other scanning systems, without increasing scan time. Functions of the 916 include LVDT probe configuration, calibration, mastering, previewing (measurement), and data collection. The 916 multiplexer is factory-hardened and adaptable to any workstation. 

DataMyte 916 Precision Gaging System

Simulscan provides simultaneous probe scanning at 1000 scans per second on as many as 16 probes, with unsurpassed accuracy for applications, such as TIR, contour matching, concentricity, circular runout, and total runout.

The 916 works with your existing personal computer and DataMyte Quantum software, and plugs directly into the serial port. Or, you can use it as part of a complete DataMyte system, coupled with a Pentium®-based DataMyte 9700 light industrial computer. As many as eight 916s can run off a single computer. In addition, the 916 has its own power supply; it does not depend on the computer for power. It uses its own connector port to interface with the personal computer, and, in most cases, leaves one serial port open on the computer running Quantum software.

The 916 comes in 4, 8, or 16 channel models that can support up to 128 LVDT probes or air/electronic converters in a daisy chain configuration. The 916-4 supports four LVDT probes, the 916-8 supports eight LVDT probes, and the 916-16 supports 16 LVDT probes. 

Also available in this line is the 914 LVDT Gaging system. This system eliminates the need for column gages, and provides a direct interface between the LVDT and a DataMyte 953 data collector.

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