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What are Data Collection And Analysis Software

DataMyte Analysis & Reporting Software

DataMyte Analysis and Reporting software is the newest member of the DataMyte Quality and SPC software family. It combines all of the popular features of DataMyte Quantum SPC software with many new features to simplify quality analysis and reporting.

Designed to be fully-HTML compliant, DataMyte Analysis and Reporting software can be used on both intranets and extranets for quick and easy real-time reporting. Dynamic reports can be posted instantly to the user’s internal web site or to a site accessible to the customer. All reports feature the latest available data, and paper reports become a thing of the past.

DataMyte Analysis and Reporting software features new, colorful, easy-to-read graphics. A full range of charts and reports is available, and report creation is simplified using the built-in tools provided. A new drill-down feature lets the user see even more detail for in-depth analysis.

This exciting new software package runs on Windows 98SE, Windows NT and Windows 2000. It is compatible with Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database engines.

 DataMyte Analysis and Reporting software features a wide variety of charts and reports.

Minimum System Requirements

  •  Windows 98SE® , Windows NT® or Windows 2000® 
  • 166 MHz Intel Pentium®II processor, or compatible 
  • 64 Mb of RAM 
  • 200 Mb (1GB) of available hard disk space; more space is required for storing reports
  • Mouse (required) 
  • CD-ROM access (via network) or direct CD-ROM support 
  • Windows-compaible VGA or SVGA monitor
  • Windows-compatible printer 

DataMyte Setup Editor Software

The DataMyte Setup Editor makes creating data collection setups easier than ever. Designed to support DataMyte series 5XX, 9XX and 3XXX data collectors, the Windows-based DataMyte Setup Editor is easy and intuitive to use. The DataMyte Setup Editor works with existing and new versions of DataMyte Quantum SPC software, as well as with new DataMyte Analysis and Reporting software.

The DataMyte Setup Editor has many easy-to-use capabilities, including a setup wizard, a spreadsheet view, and a single page per characterisitic view. A cloning feature simplifies creation of new products and setups within the application. Users can create variable and attribute characteristics at the setup level, and all characterisitics added at the setup level are added to the product level.

As with all DataMyte hardware and software, the DataMyte Setup Editor supports eight languages: English, Flemish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. It is compatible with Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database engines.

Minimum System Requirements 

  • Windows 98SE, Windows NT, or Windows 2000 
  • 166 MHz Intel Pentium II processor, or compatible 
  • 64 Mb of RAM 
  • 200 Mb (1GB) of available hard disk space; more space is required for storing reports
  • Mouse (required) 
  • CD-ROM access (via network) or direct CD-ROM support 
  • Windows-compatible VGA or SVGA monitor 
  • Windows-compatible printer

Quantum SPC Software

DataMyte Quantum SPC products combine the Windows graphical user interface with advanced networking, plus a client server database to simplify data collection and analysis. 

Because Quantum software can be run as a standalone system or as a fully networked solution, you can start small and build into a more comprehensive system without losing your original investment. The Quantum system supports any TCP/IP or IPX/SPX network. A multiuser system can consist of multiple Quantum SPC/DC stations, multiple Quantum SPC/QA stations or a mix of both.  

Quantum SPC/DC™ software allows a DataMyte 9700 light industrial computer, or a Windows-compatible computer, to be used as a data collector, while Quantum SPC/QA™ software is used to manage data collection setups and provide more detailed SPC analysis and reporting.

Quantum’s relational database software runs on a database server, allowing you to easily retrieve specific data whenever you need it. This results in faster data transfer, setup creation, and data analysis.

DataMyte’s Quantum supports Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase database engines. The database uses true client server architecture and is extremely flexible in the types of data it can store.

Data is easily acquired, manipulated, and integrated with data from other sources. It also independently creates custom reports, with either the built-in custom report editor, or standard front-end tools, such as Microsoft Access™. All Quantum databases are fully SQL and ODBC compliant.

Quantum SPC Pathfinder Software

For non-networked environments, DataMyte offers Quantum SPC Pathfinder, a free-standing, full-featured data collection and analysis product. It is available in Pathfinder DC, Pathfinder QA, and Pathfinder QA/DC variations. Pathfinder includes all the same features and specifications found in fully-networkable Quantum SPC software, and can serve as the initial installation of a future networked system.

DataMyte Quantum software offers an easy-to-use graphical interface.

Special Features 

  • Supports DataMyte 5XX, 9XX, and 305X, hardware-based data collectors, as well as the DataMyte 9000-series data collection systems. 
  • Multilevel password protection 
  • DataMyte technical support 
  • Event browser, used to monitor all active stations on the shop floor 
  • Basic, weighted, batch, or piece attribute support 
  • Multiple attribute characteristics 
  • Custom reports 
  • Local database cache, storing ALL of the station setups 
  • Viewing modes 
  • On-screen notes, allowing up to 2000 text characters

System Requirements 

  • Pentium® or similar processor or better 
  • 50 Mb of available hard disk space; 100 Mb preferred 
  • Minimum 16 Mb RAM for Quantum SPC/QA software; 32 Mb recommended 
  • Minimum 8 Mb RAM for Quantum SPC/DC software; 4 Mb recommended 
  • Any monitor compatible with Windows operating systems; 800 x 600 resolution recommended 
  • Windows 98SE, Windows NT or Windows 2000 
  • Mouse required for Quantum SPC/QA software; recommended for Quantum SPC/DC software
  • Any Windows-compatible printer

Quantum SPC Explorer™ Software

Explorer is an economical, non-networked, Windows-based, realtime factory floor SPC data collection package with an extensive list of built-in features. It consists of three integrated applications, each of which easily can be launched by selecting an icon. 

The Setup Editor is an integrated Wizard feature that lets you quickly and completely create and maintain setups for use with Explorer’s data collection application. This application features an automatic mode that prompts you for easy setup creation. Operators can choose between manual mode, using standard user-defined label names, or clone to recreate an existing setup.

The Data Collector is based on DataMyte Quantum SPC/DC data collection software, and prompts the operator for data collection functions. It handles historical data, as well as data analysis with x-bar & R charts, histograms, and short run charts.

The Data Mover lets an Explorer station share setups and data with other Explorer stations and simplifies the process of transferring setups to new stations. This application allows operators to unload setups and data from a database to a disk. A quick pick feature automatically selects setups that qualify for the current data filter.

Quantum Explorer software supports both variables and piece or batch attribute data collection. Variables data can be displayed as easy-to-read color columns.

Explorer software displays easy-to-read full-color columns showing process status.

Special Features 

  • Integrated applications 
  • Quick setup creation wizard 
  • Easy data transfer 
  • Easy-to-use Windows™-based system 
  • Variables or attribute data collection 

System Requirements

  • 486 DX2 running at 50 MHz 
  • 25 Mb of available hard disk space required, 50 Mb or more recommended 
  • 4 Mb of free RAM, 8 Mb recommended 
  • VGA monitor with 640 x 480 resolution, SVGA with 800 x 600 resolution recommended 
  • Windows 98SE, Windows 2000, or Windows NT

TurboNET™ Data Collection and Analysis Software

If multiple data collectors are used to gather SPC information for multiple parts, DataMyte TurboNET software can provide the missing link in the data collection process. TurboNET joins DataMyte data collectors to a personal computer and is the ideal solution when speed is critical to the SPC data collection process.

In many applications, there is no time for “walk around” analysis of SPC charts and data at individual workstations. TurboNET will automatically send data from a workstation to a central PC over the network. A network log screen gives quick, color-coded information on process status, with an in-depth analysis available using TurboSPC software. An optional pager module can even alert you to out-of-control situations wherever you may be. TurboNET greatly reduces the time and costs involved with the administration and data management of a manual system.

Because TurboNET runs on a dedicated network, other activities are not slowed or interrupted. Quality managers and supervisors get fast, accurate information from the floor. In addition, operators get real-time feedback on the monitor at their local data collection stations.

DataMyte TurboNET software gives the operator an easy-to-read station status report.


TurboNET combines a network solution with the benefits of DataMyte’s TurboSPC products, including the following: 

  • Network log screen for quick viewing of status at each workstation 
  • Fast, accurate analysis of data 
  • Sorting by labels, such as date, time, lot number, operator, machine, and vendor 
  • Professionally printed reports and charts, such as scatter diagrams, X-bar charts, box and whiskers charts, histograms, and Pareto charts 
  • On-screen high-resolution graphics
  • Ability to import data from other programs

TurboNET is the essential link from data collection to data analysis for quick action by management. It lets you act quickly to resolve problems, and to take control of your data collection process with the benefits of increased efficiency and cost savings. It is an economical SPC software program that runs in the Windows environment.

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