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What are Fixed-Station Data Collectors

DataMyte 9700 Light Industrial Computer

The DataMyte 9700 has been designed to allow you to meet the requirements of a very broad range of applications with a single workstation. The DataMyte 9700 comes standard with one externally accessible 3-1/2” drive plus a CD-ROM drive. All drives mount in a removable sub-chassis for easy system assembly and servicing. 

The DataMyte 9700’s real versatility becomes evident when you consider the mounting options it provides. Use it in a vertical orientation with the included wall mount brackets to attach it to a wall or other vertical surface. You can also use it as a desktop or mid-tower model by just adding the rubber feet supplied with the unit.\

The 9700’s heavy duty, all steel case has been designed to meet the needs of applied computing environments. These environments require rugged enclosures that offer good service access, extra cooling capacity, air filters, and mounting options not typically available on commercial PC cases. Examples of these light industrial applications include factory floor data collection and industrial control systems. Like all DataMyte platforms, the 9700 is designed to provide outstanding value and is constructed from the highest quality components.

Special Features

  • Steel NEMA 1 enclosure for light industrial environments 
  • Flexible mounting options, including wall mount / rack mount / desktop / mid-tower 
  • 750 MHz Pentium III processor, 128 MB RAM, 20 GB hard drive 
  • Uses Windows 98, Windows NT or Windows 2000 operating system 
  • Includes standard Ethernet card 
  • Connectivity options include 3 ISA ports (supports DataMyte Intergauge Card) 
  • Includes (1) CD-ROM and (1) 3.5” drive 
  • Meets FCC, UL, and CE requirements

953 Data Collector

The DataMyte 953 data collector increases your productivity and lowers your cost of quality. It lets you collect and analyze variables and attribute data from up to 36 digital and analog gauges, or 56 Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) probes in any mixed or matched combination. It also supports the new generation of smart serial gauges, with capability to send strings of up to 40 characters to these gauges.

DataMyte 953 Data Collector

The 953 displays a variety of charts, including x-bar and R, histograms, short run charts, group charts, Pareto charts, and p-charts. The system also features group charting for applications where multiple processes produce identical product, such as multi-spindle screw machines, multicavity injection molding, and multi-head filling machines. The group chart maintains trend analysis on each process, and shows the points closest to going out of control. A trend alert screen warns operators when a data point is outside control limits, by changing the screen window to red and flashing a warning.

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