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What are Roving Data Collectors

DataMyte DigiForm 

The DataMyte DigiForm mobile handheld computer allows efficient data collection in even the most demanding field environments. The DigiForm is designed to provide significant time and cost savings through elimination of paperwork and streamlining of the workflow process. Custom forms can be created in minutes with the unit’s drag-and-drop Design software. And the unit allows you to synchronize collected data directly to a database to eliminate entry errors.

Its high-strength magnesium case with a rubber-like coating resists damage from bumps and drops, and is tested to withstand harsh environments. In addition, it provides up to eight hours of battery life, for complete portability without an AC power source.

Key features of the DigiForm include standard JetForm® Design™ software to easily customize forms for specific applications, electronic capture of data through a rugged pen tablet interface, and easy interface to desktop computers to transfer captured data into the enterprise environment. The unit features 32 MB flash memory and 32 MB SDRAM.

The DigiForm unit is designed for use across multiple industries, including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, heavy construction, public utilities, public safety, shipping, military, and transportation. Applications are unlimited and include inspection, auditing, medical records, on-site documentation, and other uses.

DataMyte DigiForm Data Collector

Special Features 

  • JetForm PocketForm intelligent data collection software 
  • Easy drag-and-drop forms design 
  • Portrait or landscape orientation 
  • Eight hours of operation from Lithium-Ion battery 

Other Features 

  • Familiar Windows interface 
  • Input directly from serial barcode wand 
  • Weighs just under 4 pounds 
  • Industrially hardened, splash resistant case

501 Handheld Data Collector

The DataMyte 501 data collector is a breakthrough in handheld design. The distinctive unit weighs under one pound and brings new convenience to roving data collection. It features a four-channel analog support option, a no-cost alphanumeric keypad option, and visual and audio operator feedback.

The 501 is ideal for many data collection operations, especially in confined spaces. It features an LCD panel, with backlight option for use in low-light conditions. The ergonomic design features keys oriented for either right- or left-handed operation, and the contoured grip reduces operator fatigue and the likelihood of motion injuries.

Its rugged design can survive a four-foot drop to concrete, without loss of function, and it resists damage from puddled oil, water-based cutting fluid, abrasives, dust, metal chips, and filings.

The unit is powered by two rechargeable commercial AA batteries, and supports all current DataMyte SPC software, as well as the DataMyte TranSend software. Collected data may be moved directly to commercially available spreadsheet programs and other third-party software packages. The 501 comes with 1000K standard memory. Other options include 2000K memory and SPC functions.

 DataMyte 501 Data Collector

Special Features

  • Seven language options: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and one user-defined language 
  • Virtually unlimited setups 
  • Weighs under one pound 
  • 128 x 128 dot matrix LCD panel with optional backlight 
  • Optional analog connectors interface with LMI and other popular gauges 
  • On-board setup editor lets operators create part setups in the data collector or in 
  • DataMyte TurboSPC® or Quantum SPC/QA™ software 
  • Memory capacity of 1000K or 2000K

Other Features 

  • Flash memory for field updates
  • Red/Green/Yellow LCD trend alert 
  • Password protection 
  • Built-in help

3053 Data Collector

The DataMyte 3053 roving data collector brings a new level of adaptability to factory-floor data collection. It is an easy-to-use, full featured data collector that records, analyzes, and displays both variables and attribute data. 

The 3053 data collector’s menus provide an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format that guides the operator through all important functions. A single keystroke brings up control charts, histograms, and Pareto charts on the high-contrast LCD screen. The pick-a-point feature gives instant access to statistics on any point on a curve.

The 3053 can collect either attribute or variables data through two analog and two digital gauge ports, via barcode wand, or the built-in sealed keypad. Either of the digital ports accepts a bar code wand for attribute part label data.

DataMyte 3053 Data Collector

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