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What are the DataMyte Training Resources

The training components of a successful data collection system are very similar to the hardware components in one respect: both are made up of standard components combined to meet the customer’s specific needs. To meet these needs, DataMyte has developed several different training resources: product reference manuals and online help, the DataMyte Technical Institute (DTI), custom on-site training courses, and self instructional courses on CD-ROM. This range of options provides an effective and affordable training solution for all of our customers.

A DataMyte trainer assists a student

Product reference manuals and online help

Every data collection system comes with a complete set of reference manuals, or, in the case of software, online help files. These references are the best single source of information about the features and operating characteristics of each data collector. Training from reference manuals or using help files to learn how to use the product works best when only one or two individuals require training and they have successfully used such resources to learn about computers and software.

DATAMYTE Technical Institute 

In many cases, DATAMYTE customers prefer personalized attention and answers to their specific questions. To accommodate these people, DATAMYTE has created the DATAMYTE Technical Institute (DTI) with classes held at DataMyt Training Centers in Michigan and Minnesota. The DTI was established to offer customers a higher level of in-depth training reflecting the increased capabilities of DataMyte products. Training classes for DataMyte hardware and software products are scheduled on a regular basis, and the schedule may be viewed on DataMyte’s internet site at

On-site custom courses

When 5 or more people from one location must be trained, the best alternative is to present a custom training course at the customer’s site. This is the most economical alternative and the most effective training solution. An on-site training course is structured to meet the customer’s specific needs. It can include provisions for SPC training, operator training, data collector specialist training, network management training, and train-the-trainer coursework. Following the structured training class, the DataMyte trainer works with course participants at the plant site to make sure they can apply what they have learned. By the time the trainer leaves the site, the data collection system, and, if applicable, the system network, is up and running, and the customer’s expectations are being met.

Self-instructional courses

To support some of its training options, DATAMYTE has developed self-instructional programs on specific topics, such as the principles of SPC, which are available on CD-ROM. These programs can be used as a self-instructional training alternative or as part of a formal in-house training session. The programs are valuable for new operators, or when refresher training is required. 

By analyzing training needs and then matching those needs to DATAMYTE’s training resources, an effective and affordable training solution can be found.

Results and Benefits

Companies that give equal and careful consideration to people and technology when implementing an automated data collection system for SPC will attain these benefits:

  • Immediate return on investment. System payback depends on full implementation. A comprehensive training strategy is the best way to get hardware and software out of the box and on to the plant floor.
  • Acceptance on the plant floor. Apprehension and resistance to new technology results from operator fear and uncertainty. Operators are often unsure whether they can master the new technology and they do not see the potential benefits of it. A comprehensive training program demystifies technology so it can be understood by all. The delivery of required training also demonstrates commitment to employees and to their future in the organization.
  • A system that stays on-line. The majority of support and service calls handled by DATAMYTE relate to system operation failures, not equipment failures. A trained operator is knowledgeable about system operation and can resolve operational questions without slowing or stopping the process.

Statistical process control and prevention-based quality programs succeed because of the commitment to “doing things right the first time.’’ When designing and implementing a data collection system, we can help you “do it right” through a careful analysis of your technological and training needs.

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