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What are the Stopwatch Widget Properties

Stopwatch Widget

If you want your workflow to contain a stopwatch, drag (left pane) the Stopwatch widget to the middle pane and drop it. Use the stopwatch to track the time it takes to perform a particular activity when completing the workflow.

Stopwatch Widget—Properties

Allow Pausing

Allow Pausing default value is No. Use the Allow Pausing property in the right pane to allow the Stopwatch on your workflow to be paused.  Allow Pausing property displays a drop-down list with options Yes or No. If Allow Pausing is set to No—the Stopwatch, once started cannot be paused. If Allow Pausing is set to Yes—you can pause and resume the stopwatch when completing your workflow. Example—you can create Stopwatch before starting a new section on the workflow every time a different process like Inspection, Audit, etc.

Stopwatch Widget—Common Properties

Stopwatch Widget Common Properties include—Label, Font Size, Required, Unique, Unique Identifier, On Value Change, Hidden, Value Display Mode, Default Help Mode, Increase Indent By, Visibility Conditions and Validity Conditions. Reference Text Box Widget—Common Properties for definitions and examples

Visibility Condition Example—you might create a Field ‘Stopwatch for Inspection’ which will be only visible if the user chooses ‘Yes’ option in the previous choice list ‘Are you beginning inspection now?’ Visibility conditions can help you control the type of input during the filling of a workflow by the user.

Validity Condition Example—you might create a field ‘Audit Process Stopwatch’ which will be only valid if the user enters ‘Yes’ in the earlier field ‘Are you starting the audit now?’ Otherwise, it would be invalid and show an error message. Validations can help you control the type of input during the filling of a workflow by the user. You can also customize an error message that you want to display by typing the message in ‘Validity Error Message.’ This message will be displayed when the validity condition does not match with the given input.

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