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What is a Battery Manufacturer

Battery Manufacturer Automates SPC 

A manufacturer of 6- and 9-volt batteries had been practicing SPC for many years when it decided to automate its data collection. One reason the company chose DataMyte data collectors is because they are able to withstand the harsh environment.


The battery manufacturer tested the data collectors in the harshest environment first, figuring that if they could withstand the fine powder so detrimental to electronic components, the data collectors could be used anywhere.

Several hundred tests or measurements are performed on the battery or its components between the beginning of its construction to the moment you buy it. It was nearly impossible to manage that much data manually


The company chose DataMyte data collectors to help manage its SPC. It chose DataMyte data collectors for three reasons: they passed the test of working in a harsh environment, the company could continually upgrade the data collectors, and the collectors would help the company collect and analyze the enormous amount of data generated daily.

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