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What is a Dry Pack Food Products Plant

On-Line Weight Control Helps Meet FDA Requirements 

This company makes a variety of dry food mixes, nutritional supplements, and special dietary products for consumers, hospitals, nursing homes, and rest homes. Dry ingredients for a given recipe are weighed and added to large bins, where they are mixed and then automatically packaged through form-fill-seal equipment. 


The company needed consistency between different batch runs to meet FDA and corporate weight requirements. Company policy states that the lot average must meet the label claim, regardless of FDA requirements. Tight controls must be maintained on overfills, underfills, and maximum allowable variance.


Implement SPC system using DataMyte 953 data collectors. On the dry pack line, the 953 is connected directly to an on-line check weigher. Data obtained by the 953 is used to justify the addition of the automated check weigher. The 953 is also connected to a flashing warning light to alert the line operator when an out-of-control trend is detected. This lets the operator make adjustments immediately to rectify the situation. The 953 is in turn connected to DataMyte software in the production office. Data gathered is used for weight control records. To meet FDA monitoring requirements, a regular report is compiled from the hourly checks and another report then is generated on overfills.

Significant reduction in running limits, closer relation to label weights, and increased compliance with FDA regulations. Considerable monetary savings in overfills.

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