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What is a Machining Services Supplier

General Motors Supplier Achieves Certification Status Using DataMyte Data Collectors

A supplier to General Motors needed to supply the company with proof of its ability to be quality-certified. The company was already practicing SPC, but the methods it used weren’t effective enough to process the data to meet the certification requirements.


The company needed to automate its data collection system so it could process the data to meet GM’s certification requirements. Hundreds of tests are done on the products from the time they are made until they are shipped. Each of those

tests must be documented. It was nearly impossible to keep the paperwork on those tests.

Also, the company found dimensional problems on the parts long after they were manufactured, since it took an operator 20 minutes each hour to produce a chart.


The company decided to automate its data collection system using DataMyte data collectors. Its reject rate for GM products has dropped from above the 50 parts per million standard down to 13 parts per million. And the company is able to prove its quality, an act essential to the certification status it has with General Motors.

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