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What is a Precision Spring Manufacturer

A Spring Manufacturer Found that Using DataMyte Data Collectors Made Inspection 3 Times Faster 

A precision spring manufacturer needed to prove to itself and its customers that it was making quality parts. The company was using a lot of pencils and doing a lot of arithmetic to prove its quality


This spring manufacturer spent far too much time calculating its quality. And there was a time delay between the inspection and the process. The company was also aware that every time someone handled data there was a possibility of error.


The company decided to automate its data collection system. It purchased several DataMyte data collection systems. The company ran an experiment to see how much time the data collectors could save. It found that the inspector using the DataMyte data collectors could check 3 times as many parts as compared to the manual method. DataMyte data collectors have allowed this spring manufacturer to be faster, get real-time feedback, and not worry about errors slipping in when data is handled.

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