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What is an Aerospace Supplier

Company Uses Automated Data Collection to Prove Quality to Customers and Improve the Accuracy of Documentation while Keeping Paperwork to a Minimum

A supplier to the aerospace industry needed to prove its quality to customers. The company wanted its quality program to be visible on the factory floor. The workers were divided into teams, with each team responsible for the quality of the part it manufactures.


The engineers were not listening to the operators’ suggestions on how to improve the production process. Each time operators began machining a helicopter manifold, they had to go through the check sheets before they could run the part. One of the teams was producing parts with sporadic dimensions.


The company implemented DataMyte data collection systems for the teams that wanted to use them. Since they began using the DataMyte systems, they can take an issue to an engineer and recommend a change. They have proof to back up their recommendations. They keep the data in the DataMyte system for the helicopter manifold, so they can see any recurring problems, correct them, and get consistency between runs. Since they began using the data collection systems, they have cut the charting task in half for jobs such as machining a helicopter manifold. The DataMyte system improves the accuracy of their documentation and keeps paperwork to a minimum.

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