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What is an Automotive Parts Manufacturer

Attribute Data Collection Predicts Die Failures, Improves Process Flow 

This well-known supplier of convertible conversions is also one of the most prominent suppliers of interior trim pieces to the automotive industry. The Vancouver plant supplies parts for Freightliner over-the-road trucks. 


Limited manual SPC did not provide enough data to meet the company’s planned goals for scrap reduction and process improvement. The manufacturer felt that it needed to emphasize continuous improvement in these areas to maintain its leadership in the automotive OEM parts industry


DataMyte 3055 roving data collectors for attribute data collection. The 3055 is used by roving auditors to inspect dies on a random basis. When a damaged die needs to be repaired or replaced, it costs money, not only for replacing the die itself, but also for interrupting the process flow and the customer’s production line.

Each die is monitored, allowing the company to keep ahead of die problems. This results in a proactive quality control program rather than a reactive one. Over a five-month period, scrap was reduced by more than 50% of parts produced, with a flow of 64,000 to 65,000 parts per month. The pilot program, using just one 3055 data collector, demonstrated enough savings to pay for the entire DataMyte installation at the Vancouver plant.

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