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What is Statistical Analysis Software

STATISTICA Data Analysis Software

DataMyte data collectors can now be linked with the best graphics program available for detailed quality reporting— StatSoft’s STATISTICA. STATISTICA offers the largest selection of general and specialized statistical and graphical methods in a single package. 

This comprehensive statistical data analysis package includes presentation-quality graphs, comprehensive reporting, data management, programming and import/export options. STATISTICA software can be run interactively or with a variety of automation options.

Using QLink software to seamlessly link STATISTICA with DataMyte Quantum software, users now have access to comprehensive analysis, advanced data mining and statistical evaluations with their factory data. QLink serves as a bridge to extract information from the Quantum database and bring it into STATISTICA where the user can take full advantage of extensive charting and reporting capabilities.

Special Features

  • The most comprehensive selection of industrial statistics in a single package 
  • Quality control charts 
  • Process analysis 
  • Repeatability and reproducibility 
  • Weibull analysis 
  • DOE (Design and analysis of experiments) with desirability profilers 
  • Highest-quality graphs and reports 
  • Unmatched automation, customization, and expandability options 
  • Proven at major corporations worldwide

STATISTICA software offers an unparalleled selection of statistical and graphical methods.

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