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What is the Frozen Vegetable And Combination Microwave Dishes Company

Automated Data Collection is Used to Tighten the Upper and Lower Control Limits for Product Weights

A well-known manufacturer of frozen vegetable and combination microwave dishes finds it important to keep data about its process handy and in understandable form because of government requirements and checks.

Each state is responsible for protecting the consumer by regulating product underfill. However, the regulations indicate that discrepancies (overfill or underfill) should be distributed equally above or below the target. Extremes on either side of the target can potentially cost a company hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines or waste.


The company needs to keep accurate records on its process in case of a government inspection. The company has long-term storage needs for government checks. And it needs to keep its process in control from day to day.


The company automated its SPC system using DataMyte data collectors for variables data. The company used automated data collection to tighten the upper and lower control limits for product weights. See Figure 11.1.1. DataMyte data collectors reduced the data collection time per day by approximately 11⁄2 hours. DataMyte systems have also eliminated the possibility of human error in writing down numbers and have reduced the chance of inconsistencies in defining out of control from shift to shift. The company saves more than $25,000 annually because of DataMyte data collectors.

Checking the weight of packaged green beans with a DataMyte and a weigh scale.

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