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What is the Workflow Script Feature

A workflow script can be used to perform dynamic operations/manipulations in the workflow while filling the workflow from the mobile device. A workflow script can have one or more simple JavaScript functions written inside of it.

The functions need to be registered with the value change event of the fields in the workflow while designing the workflow from the Workflow Builder.

Various actions, such as automatically changing field labels/values, showing error/warning alerts, based on the values entered in the workflow, can be performed by writing in the workflow script functions, which are registered with the callback.

workflow script


function onTransformerCntChange(ws){

         Var number_of_transformers = getWidgetValue(ws,’number_of_transformers’);

         if(number_of_transformers > 0){

                     ws.setWidgetPrompt(“working_transformers”,”Out of the “+number_of_transformers+” transformer(s), how many are in working condition?”);







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