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All wrenches now equipped with haptic vibration

We partner with you to set the standard in complete residual torque audit solutions




When the rubber meets the road, trust LightStar™Torque Wrench help achieve production and quality goals

Guaranteed accuracy with Patented Angle Restart

LightStar™ Torque Wrench

Precise torque measurement for auditing standards

  • Equipped with SMARTWRENCH™ TECHNOLOGY for precision auditing

  • Patented Residual Torque eliminates false readings that are difficult to detect

  • Lightweight, durable construction designed for all manufacturing environments

When quality matters you turn to the industry precision wrench expert that aligns the latest technology with your quality goals to drive profitability to your bottom line. When it’s your job to ensure that safety-critical joints are correct, trust only the best to the task – LightStar™ Torque Wrench series.


Ensure that your auditing is accurate the first time, every time.

The LightStar™ Torque Wrench technology is designed for auditing quality and is positioned inside an entire ecosystem of quality products to meet all your continuous quality improvement needs.



Patented Angle Restart Algorithm – measures torque the instant the fastener starts retightening after overcoming static friction.
Breakaway (first movement) – first recorded reading is residual torque in the joint.
Loosening Test – Torque applied to loosen the fastener is the recorded reading.
Angle Breakaway – captures the torque needed to set a fastener in motion.
Peak – records the highest torque applied.
Set – assembly applications.

SmartWrench™ Technology

  • Patented Angle Restart Algorithm
  • Identifies Gage (Tool # or ID)
  • Verification of NM size
  • Calibration tracking (usage and time)
  • Insensitive to Point of Load

Patented Angle Restart Algorithm

Precision like no one else!


Removes false highs & lows

  • High Readings due to overshoot or high stiction

  • Low Readings due to wrench release before fastener rotation

All wrenches now equipped with haptic vibration technology

Unique vibration patterns signal in spec, out of spec, over torque, and torque curve exception (misread)

Upgrade previously purchased wrenches.

7 Steps of Residual Torque Audit

DATAMYTE consults with some of the top automotive and aerospace companies to build residual torque programs that increase productivity, lower costs and provide invaluable insights into the performance on the lines.