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Quality Planning Studio

A single, integrated FMEA software tool for planning, documenting and monitoring core quality requirements.



Automate Advanced Product Quality Planning for risk mitigation, increased product reliability and process efficiencies.

Control Plan

Measurements, production specs, and inspections stay up to date to control production parts and processes.


Process FMEA

Cascading edits reduce errors and make the PFMEA data compilation simple and always up to date.



Expedite your Product Part Approval Process with QPS’ guided process adherence.

Quality Planning Studio


On-premise or QPS Cloud Deployment


Quality Planning Studio FMEA software integrates the core quality tools and ensures adherence to fundamental process flow steps. It’s a single, integrated software tool for planning, documenting and monitoring core requirements.


  • Integrated links of process documentation and definition from Process Flow and throughout all documents (Control Plan, PFMEA, PPAP, etc.)
  • Part Families allow creation of multiple project documents based off a single master part.
  • Document control to eliminate occurrence of old versions of Control Plans and FMEAs appearing elsewhere in the plant.
  • Reduced audit risk and prep time since all information is kept up-to-date automatically.
  • Perform multiple characteristic changes from a single screen.
  • Traceability to change history.

FMEA Analysis Tool

For manufacturers worldwide, FMEA has become synonymous with continuous improvement programs. Process Flows, FMEA, control plan and SPC have a strong inter-relationship. The FMEA process ensures that products, processes or detection techniques are constantly improved.
Continuous feedback is provided from SPC results on the shop floor to engineers responsible for the FMEA process. Quality Planning Studio FMEA software stores all data within the QPS database, ensuring traceability and integrity of your Process Flow/FMEA/Control Plan information across your plants. QPS can also communicate with our SPC software (DataMetrics), allowing you to reduce redundancy and perform characteristic capability monitoring from the Control Plan.

Supporting the AIAG-VDA Harmonized Standard

QPS (version 8.4 and later) supports the Process FMEA functionality of both the AIAG 4th Edition and AIAG/VDA 1st Edition publications

  • 7 step process for FMEA development

  • Revised PFMEA Severity, Occurrence and Detection criteria & functionality

  • New Action Priority Risk calculation (replacement for RPN); utilizing updated Severity, Occurrence and Detection tables (with new definitions and supporting criteria)

  • New PFMEA Form/Report templates/layouts

aiag/vda compliance

A versatile tool for Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers to meet PPAP compliance.

QPS (version 8.4 and later) supports the Process FMEA functionality of both the AIAG 4th Edition and AIAG/VDA 1st Edition publications.

Planning and Preparation

  • Option to apply the new project AIAG/VDA scope
  • Or maintain the original AIAG scope
  • New fields for Process Item and Process Item Function 

Structure Analysis

  • Added Process Step function

Function Analysis

  • Additional fields for enhanced Function Analysis:
    • # of the characteristic
    • Process Work Element Type
    • Process Work Element Function

Failure Analysis

  • Effects of Failure Mode
  • Severity Values



Risk Analysis

  • Causes of Failure
  • Controls for Prevention of the Cause
  • Controls for Detection of the Cause or Failure
  • Occurrence and Detection values


  • Process Improvement 
  • New Recommended Actions with prevention and detection emphasis
  • Status Field
  • Target and Effective dates
  • Action Prioritization

Results Documentation

  • Risk Communication
  • Action Priority option for Risk Analysis

still using spreadsheets?

We can help move you to QPS by using your current Excel documents or control plans.

Reach out to a solution expert to learn more.

“I now create a PPAP in one or two hours max.”


Manage checklist processes with DIGITAL CLIPBOARD

Transform paper checklists into automated workflows.  Send us one of your checklists and we’ll demo it on the Digital Clipboard.

Use case

Canada Rubber moved from spreadsheets to QPS to improve document control and speed PPAP creation. 

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With QPS it’s easy to create one master part and quickly generate countless similar projects.”

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