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How to Choose an Online Ordering System

How to Choose an Online Ordering System

Whatever business you currently operate, it’s essential to always look for ways to serve customers better. For most brands, selling products or providing services online is key to adapting to the challenges of today’s business landscape. People are looking for convenience as they look towards cashless and contactless transactions. If your business has a physical store, you may have thought about accepting orders or offering your services online to serve a wider scope of customers. Additionally, it can also let you continue operating in case a global crisis such as a pandemic happens. However, if you’ve yet to consider that, the first step is choosing the ideal online ordering system for your small business. 

How to Choose an Online Ordering System for Small Business

An online ordering system will allow your business to accept and manage orders online. So whether you’re a clothing or restaurant business, you can provide your services online with ease. 

However, before you start shopping for the ideal software, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. With that said, here are 13 factors to consider when choosing an online ordering system for your small business.


You should find software that fits the needs of both you and your customers as well. To do so, make sure to ask yourself specific questions such as “what are my requirements?” or “can this platform connect with other applications I’m currently using?” 

Proven Track Record

Make sure to research the software and find out if it has a good track record. Also, ask for customer reviews to get an idea of how satisfied people are with the product. 

Ease of Use

This is especially important if you’re not technologically savvy or don’t have much time to spare. The ordering system should be easy to use and operate. 


Choose a product that can grow with your business, giving you the option of adding more features over time as it expands. This way, instead of buying another software in the future, you only have one platform for all functions, such as managing orders or tracking inventory, among others.  

Data Collection Capability

Your business will collect a lot of data in the process. Thus, you should find an application that conveniently stores and enables access to all this information. 


Data security is also essential to consider when choosing an online ordering system for your small business. This way, make sure that any sensitive information such as credit card details and addresses are protected. 

Reporting Capability

An ideal online ordering platform will enable you to understand your business better, including things such as sales performance and customer behavior. 

Integration Capability

With so many different software applications being used by businesses, it’s important that the ordering system you choose can integrate with them all seamlessly. This way, there will be no limit of software for all your needs. 

Payment Gateway Integration

This feature allows your customers to pay for their orders using credit cards. 

Customer Support System

You want to make sure you’ll get the help you need if anything goes wrong with the software, especially during its implementation or operation. So it’s best to choose one which comes with comprehensive customer support. 


Compare the prices of different software before making a decision. You also want to make sure that you’re not overpaying for features you don’t need. 

Integrated Inventory Management

This is an essential feature if you’re running a physical store and would like to keep track of your inventory levels online. 


Last but not least, you want to ensure a warranty on the software. This way, if something goes wrong with it after its implementation or operation period ends, your manufacturer will know how to resolve it and fix any bugs in no time at all.


How to Create an Ordering System in DataMyte Digital Clipboard

The process of creating an ordering system on DataMyte Digital Clipboard is similar to that of creating an app through the platform. Follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Login to your DataMyte Digital Clipboard account. Don’t have one? Create an account here.
  2. Once you’re in the main dashboard, click the ‘Create App’ button on the upper right portion.
  3. In the ‘Create New App’ dialog, edit the ‘App Name’ and ‘App Description.’
  4. Once you’ve entered data on these fields, click ‘Create App’ to continue. 
  5. Now that the primary details are set, it’s time to create a workflow for the app you want to create. Doing so will help DATAMYTE understand the purpose of the app you’re making.
  6. Click the ‘Create Workflow’ button; the ‘Create New Workflow’ dialog will display the ‘Workflow Name.’ Enter the new workflow name (i.e., ‘Online Ordering System for Small Business) and press enter. Once you do, the Workflow Builder window will now display.
  7. At DATAMYTE, creating an app doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple drag and drop widgets and other elements on the virtual mobile screen to start building your workflow and set up the building blocks for your app. Some notable widgets that you can add to your workflow include Signature, Text Box, and Choice List.
  8. You can also change the widget order by clicking each widget. Drag and rip them to new positions according to your preference. 
  9. You can also click the ‘Remove’ button to remove a widget or an icon.
  10. You can also click the ‘Advanced’ tab to access other widget features like rich media files like audio and video or add a QR code to your workflow.
  11. Continue editing your workflow until you’re satisfied with your work. Once you’re finished, click ‘Save.’


That’s it! You’ve just created an online ordering system app for your small business. Keep in mind that you can customize and edit the app at any time.


Why Choose DataMyte Digital Clipboard?

When it comes to creating your online ordering system, or any other app for that matter, DataMyte Digital Clipboard proves to be one of the best options available for you. Unlike other app-building platforms, DATAMYTE wants to make it easier for you to create your app so that you can focus more on improving it for you and your customers to enjoy.

With complete customization and easy drag and drop feature, creating an online ordering system won’t be as hard as it may seem. So, if you’re looking to create an online ordering system for your small business, make sure you give DataMyte Digital Clipboard a try. You won’t regret it! Visit our website now to learn more.



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