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Introduction to Digital Clipboard User Guide

DataMyte Digital Clipboard is used by companies that employ field staff to conduct sales, inspections, and audits to automate their business processes by letting them replace the outdated and error-prone pen-and-paper method to using a mobile forms solution. DataMyte Digital Clipboard helps companies to embrace the micro-app strategy that is faster and less expensive.

DataMyte Digital Clipboard creates mobile forms and apps that can collect various types of data easily on Revolution data collector. Storage of the collected data is securely done on the cloud and it can also automatically generate reports and send them to the relevant parties in real-time. Data can also be collected offline and the auto-sync feature helps in directing the data to the server without any manual intervention.

 The apps are designed to work offline as well, and employees can carry on using their apps in places without internet connectivity. Data generated by mobile forms created on the DataMyte Digital Clipboard platform can be stored locally on the device and synchronized with servers once connectivity is available.

DataMyte Digital Clipboard platform consists of four main components that are used for building and managing micro-apps.

Digital Clipboard Database

DataMyte Digital Clipboard Database is the place where all the collected data is stored. It allows activities like searching, sorting, import/export, and printing of the data collected through mobile apps using a relational database. DataMyte Digital Clipboard Database also features a workspace area where users can view their notifications and tasks.

Workflow Builder

Workflow Builder, the most important component of the DataMyte Digital Clipboard platform, is used to build mobile workflow forms. These mobile workflow forms can be created by dragging and dropping various widgets, and by configuring the properties of each of the widgets included in the forms to suit the individual use cases.

Actions Designer

The Actions Designer is used for designing actions. Steps in the list of actions are added and configured using the drag and drop feature. With the Actions Designer, data submitted using the mobile workflow forms. It can be sent to various entities like users, documents and even external system APIs.

Digital Clipboard Client Apps

DataMyte Digital Clipboard Client App gets deployed on the DataMyte Revolution devices to do mobile data collection.

Digital Clipboard Configurations

Digital Clipboard is a licensed DataMyte Product.  There are three licensed configurations:


Allows for collecting data in workflows on the Revolution device; reporting is on the Digital Clipboard website. This includes basic workflow widgets.


Allows for development of workflows by end-user(s), collecting data in workflows on the Revolution device, and reporting is on the Digital Clipboard website. Advanced widgets are included and gauge/Metrology devices and integration to DataMetrics Quality system. DataMyte products such as Escalate for immediate alerts and notifications.


allows for connecting Digital Clipboard to almost any type of system to interface and exchange data and connecting processes for Enterprise integrations

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