Introducing the New Generation in Portable Data Collection

DataMyte™ Revolution

Operations management is non-negotiable.

We deliver software and hardware that works together to create a powerful Connected Factory solution within our integrated eco-system



Scalable, flexible software solutions to manage your Quality Planning, SPC and Data Collection needs. Save time, increase productivity and make ALL of your data accessible.



Rugged, industry-leading quality management hardware solutions that drive universal data collection and efficient, cost-saving auditing.



We partner with your organization to streamline processes, provide training and manage quality projects through our team of fine-tuned industry experts.


Web reporting, alerts & notifications, escalations

A closed loop, enterprise solution

Configurable SPC Software

Collect ALL of your data

Structured to assist organizations with their SPC and data collection needs, DataMetrics supports organizations with both part-based and process-based data collection. A scalable, flexible, and powerful architecture integrates the best features of Datamyte’s previous popular products – Applied Stats and Quantum SPC.

Quality Planning Studio

Raising the Advanced Product Quality Planning bar
through advanced configurations to your quality planning.

“I used Quality Planning Studio with a prior employer and requested to purchase it here with my new employer … it cuts the work in half”,
Quality Manager, aerospace manufacturer


Work Smart with Quality Core Tools

Automate the APQP processes for risk mitigation, increased product reliability and process efficiency. Learn how this simple tool can cascade edits from Process Flow throughout all APQP documents, reducing audit risk and saving manual entry time. Integrate QPS with DataMetrics SPC allowing for bi-directional sharing of characteristics from QPS, and production floor data that feeds back into QPS.

Stay compliant per the AIAG-VDA standard (June 2019) as PFMEAs are now formatted to new regulations.

QPS Cloud

Quality Planning Studio

“With AGS Automotive having to work remotely, as I am sure other companies are, this application QPS Cloud has been what our Quality department needed”,
IT Professional

QPS Cloud

Quality Planning Studio Software on the Cloud

  • Many of our customers are moving from on-premise to our Cloud solution due to physical distancing practices currently in place
  • QPS Cloud users like it because of the ability to connect on and off site without issues
  • IT departments like it because of the ease of tech support which frees them up to focus on larger issues they are facing
  • Secure solution
  • Always be running on the most current software version


Gage and tool information automation

Electronically manage gage and tool information, guide and track necessary tool crib activities and create reports related to gage lab activities.

EnGagePlus! has built‐in capability to perform a variety of gage studies, including Gage R&R, bias and linearity. The user has the option of performing either standard or ANOVA R&R studies. The software automatically maintains all study events as part of each gage history, and is compliant with the MSA 4th Edition Gage R&R and ANOVA analyses.

DataMyte™ Revolution

The New Generation of Portable Data Collection

  • Universal connectivity to 100s of measurement gages
  • Collect, Analyze, Communicate, Act – manage closed loop process improvement
  • Loaded with new functionality and features
  • Integrate with new DataMyte™ software for escalations, checklist capability, and visual attribute data collection

600 Data Collector

Robust error-proofing data collection that clarifies complex auditing routines and reduces operator uncertainty and guesswork.

How data is gathered from the point of entry and disseminated to quality applications throughout the factory and beyond determines the extent to which productivity and product quality goals can be realized.

DATAMYTE’s Data Collection Solution leverages the strengths of portable, fixed station and unattended data collection systems and the ability to integrate virtually any type of plant floor measurement device to deliver error-proof variable and attribute data, creating a solid production & quality system base allowing full traceability, analysis and reporting.

DATAMYTE is respected as the industry leader in automated factory quality data collection for all classifications of data. The 600 model raises error-proofing to a higher standard.

LightStar™ Torque Wrench

Raising the quality bar through advanced error-proofing and optimization.

Whether your mission is assessing residual torque on previously tightened fasteners, measuring real time dynamic torque on production power tools or precision torque on hand tightened joints, Datamyte’s Torque Management Solution has you covered.

Datamyte’s LightStar™ system raises the quality bar by error-proofing residual torque, power tool optimization, hand assembly and rework operations. It eliminates the crippling downtime associated with reacting to false out-of-spec readings and the big costs associated with missing true defect conditions.

Dimensional Gages

Gap & Flush, Seal Gap, Door Closing, Pinch Force

Datamyte’s Measurement Solutions head off defects, reduce inspection time, ensure uniform fit and raise overall product quality. They include a complete range of portable and measurement tools loaded with far reaching capabilities. All capable of integration with Datamyte software and hardware solutions.

Consulting Services

Partner with us for success

One of the top challenges manufacturers are facing today is a lack of implementation support. All too often, organizations are investing in hardware and software to ensure high quality production but they lack the knowledge and experience to most efficiently use these valuable tools.

With almost 50 years of industry experience and expertise, our consulting services team empowers clients to further increase their product quality, accomplish projects efficiently, and gain the industry knowledge they need to become experts themselves.

Our consulting services focus on implementation, support, training, managed services and project management. We are staffed for a la carte support or dedicated teams that can be located on or off site.



Complete end-to-end implementation services to support you from inception to launch.

  • Decision workshops & solution architecture
  • Pre-installation analysis and planning
  • Software and solution installations
  • Testing & Configuration
  • Database services with ongoing support
  • Custom development, application scripting and report development


Highly seasoned technical support team staffed by consultants and engineers with industry expertise with two different relationship models.

Managed Services

  • Support throughout implementation, integration and validation
  • Ongoing day-to-day management and support after solution deployment
  • Alternative hosting options
  • Custom development, application scripting and report development

Project Management

  • Ensure you launch on time, and within your budget
  • Coverage for small scale projects to global roll-outs


Comprehensive, hands-on training programs helping you accelerate the payback on your solution investment.

  • Customizable curriculum to address your specific needs
  • Virtual, on-site, or off-site training options

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