6 Ways Facility Management Checklists Improve Field Service Productivity

6 Ways Facility Management Checklists Improve Field Service Productivity

Field service providers understand the importance of checklists as an essential tool for ensuring productive work. In the past, checklists were mostly used in office-based work environments. However, with the advent of mobile technology, field workers can now use checklists in field service settings, which has changed the way people conduct facility management.

This blog post will introduce facility management checklists and discuss six ways they improve field service productivity. 


What Are Facility Management Digital Checklists?

Facility management digital checklists are digital tools that allow field service providers to create, manage, and share checklists with their teams. This is done through a mobile app or web-based software. With this technology, checklists can be easily created and customized to fit the needs of any organization. 


Why Use Facility Management Digital Checklists?

In today’s digital age, everything can be digitized—even traditional checklists. By digitizing checklists, facility management teams can now manage checklists more effectively and efficiently. At the same time, teams can now share checklists with team members located in different parts of the world. 

Digital checklists are much more convenient than traditional ones. With it, field workers no longer need to carry bulky documents to monitor and check things off a list. With digital checklists, all they need is a mobile device to access the checklist anytime, anywhere.


Must-Have Features of a Facility Management Digital Checklist

When it comes to creating a checklist using a field service software or facility management app, there are certain features and offerings that you should look for. With the right solution, you can reduce missed appointments, follow up on important meetings, increase field service efficiency, and satisfy your customers. 

But for you to achieve all of that, the facility management checklist app that you use must have the following features:

  • A mobile app for field workers and a web application for office-based work.
  • Collect and store field data in a central database.
  • Find the best technician for the job based on the task or job requirement.
  • Advanced scheduling and dispatching features that take into account several variables.
  • Contractor and employee management under the same system.
  • Real-time communication capabilities.
  • Built-in GPS tracking to track employee whereabouts and determine the best route.
  • Simple communication tools that help everyone communicate and stay connected.
  • A seamless integration capability with other business systems.


6 Ways Facility Management Digital Checklists Improve Field Service Productivity

The use of facility management checklists has led to the improvement of field service productivity in various ways. But just how does it do it? How do these digital checklists boost field service? Here are six ways:

Provides Real-time Data Collection

With digital checklists from field service software, field workers get access to real-time data collection. This feature helps them track ongoing tasks and make key decisions on the fly. In addition, these digital checklists also provide transparency and accountability at each step of the service process. This level of control ensures optimum efficiency and better results.

Access to Advanced Scheduling and Dispatching

Facility management digital checklists enable facility managers to do advanced scheduling and dispatching. With this feature, they can easily assign the right technician for the job and create schedules that consider different variables such as skills, location, and availability.

Complete Process Automation

Using checklists from field service software will automatically assign tasks to maintenance and inspection workers. At the same time, these tasks are delivered directly to field service mobile apps. 

Mobile facility management digital checklists empower schedulers to send the most qualified technician for field service based on real-time data and other factors such as availability, location, and skillset.

Process Audits for Improved Efficiency

Using mobile checklists to track end-to-end processes help organizations take corrective and preventive actions at the right time. Companies can create tasks on key field locations and with priority levels and deadlines in mind. This level of transparency ensures that checklists are completed on time and as needed, improving overall efficiency in the process.

Reduced Re-work and Improved Customer Service

With facility management checklists, field service providers can now avoid potential customer complaints and re-work. Checklists help identify issues earlier and provide corrective actions to address them, thereby reducing the need for re-work. In addition, checklists also promote transparency and communication between field workers and customers. This level of communication and collaboration between customers and workers leads to improved customer satisfaction while reducing complaints.

Improved Customer Experience

Finally, using checklists in facility management also leads to improved customer experience. Customers now have the ability to get updates on the status of their service requests in real-time. They are also given a chance to provide feedback at each stage of the process. As a result, customers are more satisfied with their service, leading to an improved customer experience.


Create Facility Management Checklists Using DATAMYTE

Digital checklists from field service software have helped facility management in various ways. If you are looking for a way to improve your field service productivity, consider using the DataMyte Digital Clipboard, a comprehensive workflow automation software that can help create digital checklists for facility management and other applications.

The DataMyte Digital Clipboard gives you access to useful tools and features that help you create an entire workflow that is optimized for your business. Users can customize checklists to fit their specific needs and requirements. In addition, the DataMyte Digital Clipboard also allows you to track and monitor the progress of your checklists in real-time.

If you’re interested, try out the DataMyte Digital Clipboard today and see how it can help create checklists that improve your field service performance and productivity.



The use of checklists has long been promoted in various industries as a way to improve quality, productivity, and performance. The same is true for facility management. Checklists help ensure that all tasks are completed as needed and on time. In addition, using digital checklists has further helped automate processes and improve communication between workers and customers. As a result, facility management and field work has never been easier and more convenient.



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