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Quickly deploy our low-code, rapid application platform to automate error detection, escalation, and corrective action.

Start with the end in mind.

It all comes down to getting the right data… at the right time… to the right people.

From customized excel-based exported reports, to actionable dashboards and integration with advanced analytical tools such as Power BI, Digital Clipboard covers all the bases for analytics and reporting.

Build in minutes and start catching issues today!

Digital Clipboard’s drag-and-drop Workflow Creator enables agile application design for your data collection requirements. Drag over one of the 25+ data elements to quickly customize the data fields and integration to gauging if needed.

Define critical event parameters to error proof your process. Trigger on-device and email notifications for non-conforming measurements or conditions to initiate corrective action.

“I no longer need to have people double checking every entry all the time, I now quickly see and manage exceptions.”


Pick from thousands of pre-built workflow templates

Maximize data capture with dozens of elements

Find the level of control your team requires.




Create automated escalations and notifications to catch and fix errors now!

This is where the real magic happens!

Configure an automated escalation plan in the Actions Builder to alert on issues. Assign tasks to team members under pre-configured conditions. Enhances visibility by triggering an escalation, task assignment, and notification when corrective action is required.

End result: catch and fix issues earlier in your process.

A singular, rapid application platform that scales across your organization.

Read more about these client-inspired applications

Work in progress application to quickly identify issues
Visual inspection and precise location tracking of defects
Residual and set wireless torque readings
Integrate key production information to optimize OEE
Connect with suppliers to track shipment status or material quality
Track pallets, bins, or other materials within the plant
Worker attendance, activities and wellness checks
Environment, safety and equipment tracking
Automate and digitize the sorting process
Task and employee-specific digital work instructions
Digital, media-rich training workflows while on-the-task
Layered process auditing for operations

ACTUAL client applications that solve ACTUAL problems

“Digital Clipboard significantly reduced the excessive product holding times in the warehouse caused by compliance checks on paper forms.”


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