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What are the Signature Widget Properties

Signature Widget

The signature widget can be used to allow your workflow to contain an electronic signature. Drag and drop the Signature Widget to the center pane Revolution device.  This may add more authenticity to your workflow.

Signature Widget—Properties


Note (Optional) default value is Empty. To change the name Signature—use ‘Label’ in the Common property section. To make Signature required—use the ‘Required’ property in the Common properties section and ‘Yes’ from the drop-down list. Revolution device uses the touch screen to collect the electronic signature. 

Electronic Signature sample

Signature Widget–Common Properties

Signature Widget Common Properties include—Label, Font Size, Place Holder, Required, Unique Identifier, On Value Change, Hidden, Value Display Mode, Default Help Mode, Increase Indent By, Visibility Conditions, and Validity Conditions. Reference Text Box Widget—Common Properties for definitions and examples

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