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What are the Support Services For Spc And Automated Data Collection

Support Services are as much a part of the product as a power cable or an instruction manual. They should be a foremost consideration with any equipment purchase. After all, what you are buying is a complete system and support is a part of the package.

DataMyte believes that manufacturers should treat customers as business partners. Both parties have an investment in the long-term success of the system; the manufacturer can count on continued business and the customer can count on a successful SPC and automated data collection program. Therefore, each manufacturer’s primary goal should be to provide total customer satisfaction after the sale.

DataMyte Support Services

Strong customer support programs are designed to make it easier for the customer to do business with the manufacturer. At DataMyte, we believe the support service center is the manufacturer’s customer advocacy board and should be used by the customer for any problems encountered. To facilitate this, DataMyte provides support services that include:

  • Phone support 
  • On-site technical assistance
  • Application evaluations 
  • Implementation assistance 
  • Cost-effective maintenance 
  • Protection against technical obsolescence

Results and Benefits

DataMyte’s support services demonstrate the philosophy that companies that give equal and careful consideration to people and technology when implementing an automated data collection system for SPC will attain many benefits for both themselves and their customers.

DataMyte develops partnerships with its customers. An investment has been made in the customer’s future, and the commitment has been made to support the customer. Through a conscientious customer support program, DataMyte’s customers enjoy:

  • Reduced startup times during system implementation through pre-sales, application, and installation support. 
  • Continued successful operation through timely and effective phone and field support.
  • Continued long-term product use through proactive maintenance and upgrade policies.
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