What are the Toggle Widget Properties

Toggle Widget Use Toggle widget in your workflow to create Yes or No options. To include Toggle widget, drag Toggle (left pane) to the middle pane and drop. A Toggle in your workflow is similar to the Choice List widget. The main difference is the Toggle widget contains only two options—Yes and No. Toggle Widget—Properties […]

What is a Recreational/Military Ammunition Manufacturer

Company Again Aims for Olympic Gold with Updated Quality System  This Midwest manufacturer is a supplier of ammunition for the U.S. Olympic Shooting Team, and also has numerous government defense contracts. Although 100% in-process inspection would be impractical in its high-volume production plant, the company has instituted sophisticated data collection of SPC information for each […]

What is the Third Party API Support

Data Collection DataMyte Digital Clipboard mobile app works in-sync with the DataMyte Digital Clipboard server. Your custom business app containing your forms and actions to automate your business processes are designed and developed using the DataMyte Digital Clipboard platform using simple drag and drop features. Once the app is set up, it is published to […]

Step by Step Tutorial on How Action Designer Works

Custom Action Custom Action allows you to customize the action associated with a workflow in your app. A custom action is used to modify the app and the functions it performs as per your own business requirements or use cases. The process to Create a Custom Action Step – 1: Go to the Actions section […]

What are the Generic Action Use Cases

Action Use Cases (Generic) Sequential Actions Sequential actions are linear and progressive, and this type of action list goes from one task or process to another and does not step back in the sequence. Used in manufacturing or a production line task. State Machine Actions State machine actions is more complex than sequential actions and […]

What is the DataMyte Digital Clipboard Actions Designer

About Actions Designer The Actions Designer is used to design sequences of actions. By using the drag and drop functionality, steps are added and configured in the list of actions. By using Actions Designer, users can design multi-step actions and connect the steps together in a chronological sequence. During the execution of the actions, each […]

What are the other Workflow Functionalities

Drag & Drop For all the widgets to be used or added in your workflow, you need to drag the widget from the left panel and drag the same to the digital mobile screen in the middle. Save Save option helps you save the workflow that you have created. Once you save the workflow, it […]

What is the Workflow Script Feature

A workflow script can be used to perform dynamic operations/manipulations in the workflow while filling the workflow from the mobile device. A workflow script can have one or more simple JavaScript functions written inside of it. The functions need to be registered with the value change event of the fields in the workflow while designing […]

How Workflow Builder Works

The Workflow Builder allows the user to build mobile forms without writing any code. The mobile forms are created by the Workflow Builder function with the help of widgets that can be dragged and dropped to a virtual mobile screen. Widget properties can be configured to customize the widget behavior. DataMyte Digital Clipboard Web App […]

How to annotate a picture with DataMyte Digital Clipboard Mobile App

DataMyte Digital Clipboard image annotation is a powerful feature to report problems, locate the exact place on the image and text notes. While collecting data using DataMyte Digital Clipboard mobile app, users can capture the picture, put multiple annotations and notes against them. This makes data collection even more effective when you have to notify […]